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The Washington State Fallen Firefighters Foundation (WSFFF) was established in partnership with the Washington State Fire Chiefs Association, the Washington State Council of Firefighters, the Washington State Firefighters’ Association, and the Washington Fire Commissioners Association in October of 2015. The purpose of the foundation is to establish a permanent memorial to the fallen firefighters of Washington State on the Washington State Capital Campus and to the assist the families and fire departments of fallen firefighters.

In a recent study by Careercast.com, firefighting was rank the second most stressful job in the nation. Every year in the State of Washington 8 to 12 firefighters die from duty related illnesses, such as cancer and heart attacks due to stress and over exertion. When a firefighter dies it is felt by the entire community, a hero, who has given themselves to the preservation of life and property. The WSFFF is dedicated to honoring our fallen heroes, their families, their fellow firefighters, and the communities that they served. Their lives are honored by Honor Guards, Fire Service Pipe and Drum Bands and the deep traditions of the fire service.

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